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Thinkers’ Corner – Jean Gottmann, The Significance of Territory in Geographica Helvetica

The first 2013 issue of Geographica Helvetica included my assessment of Jean Gottmann’s The Significance of Territory, forty years since it was published. The piece is now available open access here.

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Reconsidering Gottmann, The Significance of Territory – forthcoming in Geographica Helvetica

My short piece on Jean Gottmann’s The Significance of Territory – a kind of 40 years on reconsideration – is forthcoming in Geographica Helvetica. I’ve just received the proofs and have been told it will be both open access online … Continue reading

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Books received

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Books received

Another pile of books. David Martin-Jones, Deleuze and World Cinemas; the Heidegger & Nietzsche collection I have a piece in; the new biography of Derrida and Beyond Walls and Cages in recompense for review work; another one of Jean Gottmann’s works; … Continue reading

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Shakespearean Territories in Oxford – audio available

I’ve posted the audio recording of my talk to the 1887 Society, Mansfield College, University of Oxford from earlier this week. The first 18 minutes discuss my work on territory and the Shakespeare project in more general terms; the example in the … Continue reading

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Books received

People seem to like these posts, so here’s another pile of books received – the most recent volume from Heidegger’s Gesamtausgabe (volume 83), which is seminars on Plato, Aristotle and Augustine; some books by Jean Gottmann and a Festschrift on his … Continue reading

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Jean Gottmann – The Significance of Territory

The editors of Geographica Helvetica have asked me to contribute a short piece to their relaunch issue. They asked me to write a piece on past geographical text, reevaluating its contemporary worth and relevance. This is for one of the … Continue reading

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