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Figure/Ground interview with Leonard Lawlor

Figure/Ground interview with Leonard Lawlor – lots of good discussion of European philosophy, including Deleuze, Derrida, Foucault, Heidegger and Lyotard. Also some interesting comments about writing: What advice would you give to young graduate students and aspiring university professors? I … Continue reading

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Christopher Watkin, French Philosophy Today now in paperback

Christopher Watkin, French Philosophy Today: New Figures of the Human in Badiou, Meillassoux, Malabou, Serres and Latour is now available in paperback. Contemporary French philosophy is laying fresh claim to the human. Through a series of independent, simultaneous initiatives, arising in … Continue reading

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Peter Gratton, Speculative Realism: Problems and Prospects reviewed at NDPR

Peter Gratton, Speculative Realism: Problems and Prospects, is reviewed by Rick Dolphijn, at Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (open access).  

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Books received 4 – various: Meillassoux, Trawny, Eco, Butler, Krell, Naas, Funambulist papers, journals

And everything else that was in the pile of post as I returned from the US. Umberto Eco’s How to Write a Thesis; Quentin Meillassoux’s Science Fiction and Extro-Science Fiction; Peter Trawny’s Freedom to Fail: Heidegger’s Anarchy; The Funambulist Papers Volume 2 (in which … Continue reading

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Call for Papers: Philadelphia Summer School in Continental Philosophy with John Caputo

Call for Papers: Philadelphia Summer School in Continental Philosophy – Topic: “Continental Philosophy of Religion and the New Metaphysics” (featuring seminars on the work of Quentin Meillassoux, Ray Brassier, Bruno Latour, and Catherine Malabou) Seminar Leader: John Caputo Saturday, August 9th, … Continue reading

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Graham Harman, Quentin Meillassoux – second edition forthcoming

Given the subtitle of the book – Philosophy in the Making – the analysis was always going to be outstripped by the work being produced and translated. So it is good news that Graham Harman’s book on Quentin Meillassoux is … Continue reading

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Books received (3 of 4)

Quentin Meillassoux, Métaphysique et fiction des mondes hors-science Michel Foucault, L’origine de l’herméneutique de soi (French critical edition of 1980 lectures long available in English) Grégoire Chamayou, Les Corps vils. Expérimenter sur les êtres humains aux XVIIIe siècle et XIXe siècle – a reissue of his first … Continue reading

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“Interview with Stuart Elden” at Groundwork

Another interview with me, conducted by Jordan Skinner, has been published at the Groundwork site – a blog run by past and present students of the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy at Kingston University. It ranges widely across … Continue reading

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Quentin Meillassoux’s Les conditions de la contingence course – audio available

The audio recording of Quentin Meillassoux’s 2013 course ‘Les conditions de la contingence’ course is available here (via Graham Harman).

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Parrhesia issue 16 out

Open access and available to download here. Includes essays by Graham Harman, Tristan Garcia, Quentin Meillassoux, Marie-Eve Morin on Jean-Luc Nancy, etc. (via Graham Harman’s blog)

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