The Archaeology of Foucault – research and writing updates

OT jacket.jpegThe Archaeology of Foucault will be the fourth and final volume in my intellectual history of Foucault’s entire career. Like the others, it will be published by Polity. Although the last to be written, chronologically it is the second, sitting between The Early Foucault and before Foucault: The Birth of Power (Polity 2017) and Foucault’s Last Decade (Polity 2016). The Early Foucault is complete, and is scheduled for publication in June 2021. The order of the books’ writing has been partly dependent on the availability of material by publication or in archives.

The Archaeology of Foucault fills in the missing years of 1962-1969. During this time Foucault taught at Clermont-Ferrand, Tunis and Vincennes, and in Brazil, and while his books Birth of the ClinicThe Order of Things and The Archaeology of Knowledge are the best known outputs from this period, he did a lot of other things too. His work on literature, including the book on Raymond Roussel and lots of short pieces, and on art is also significant, and some of his lecture materials from this period are in the process of being published – two, on sexuality, appeared in 2018. There is a lot of material in the archive that will also be discussed in this book.

As with the previous books, I plan to write updates on the research and writing process (see here and here). These have tended to be very much about the process, rather than sharing draft material. I’ve also been producing a series of research resources – bibliographies, textual comparisons, etc. – in the process of doing this work, which I hope others might find helpful.

For this book, see in particular, Which edition of Foucault’s Birth of the Clinic did Alan Sheridan actually translate? and The textual issues around Foucault’s ‘What is an Author?’


Beginning work on ‘The Archaeology of Foucault’ – 1 July 2020

The Archaeology of Foucault update 1: Organisation, textual comparisons and a working timeline – 13 July 2020

The Archaeology of Foucault update 2: The Birth of the Clinic, a trip to Paris, working on courses on Sexuality and Les mots et les choses – 14 August 2020

The Archaeology of Foucault update 3: Early versions of some texts, the Port-Royal Grammar, Foucault’s work on literature, Bataille and Nietzsche, and a writing break in Wales – 5 October 2020

The Archaeology of Foucault update 4: The term from hell, Foucault in Brazil and Tunisia, and the problems of archival research in a pandemic – 18 December 2020

The Archaeology of Foucault update 5: Proofs of The Early Foucault, connected work on dynasties, Canguilhem, Dumézil and Hyppolite – 23 February 2021