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Bi-lingual German philosophy texts

Thanks to Enowning for alerting me to this site – bilingual pdfs of some major works of German thought, including Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, Freud, and Heidegger. An enormous amount of work here. If you want to check if it is Ursprung, Herkunft … Continue reading

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Literary protests – image from Wu Ming

Wu Ming kindly sent me a link to a better picture of the literary themed protests.

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review of State, Space, World

There is a brief review of the Lefebvre collection State, Space, World in the new issue of Contemporary Sociology. Although the book has been out for eighteen months, this is the first review to be published to my knowledge (leaving … Continue reading

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Student Protests – K-Punk on the media; Wu Ming on the literature

K-Punk offers a sharp analysis of last week’s events here, along with some good discussion of the mainstream media’s take on it all. I particularly enjoyed this line: It looks as if the situation might be starting to dawn on … Continue reading

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Roundup – WW2 maps, Right-Badiouians, and the End of the World

At his Open Geography blog, Jeremy Crampton mentions an interesting GSU magazine story on his research on the history and politics of maps here  Graham Harman engages with some criticisms of object-orientated philosophy here, and ends with an interesting suggestion about the relation … Continue reading

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The publisher of Society and Space, Pion, is a small independent operation – something that is increasingly rare. I was speaking to them about the article based publishing model I discussed a few posts back, and they told me they … Continue reading

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Really Blind Review

The comments following the post on referee etiquette on the Leiter Report blog are worth reading. One theme in particular is worth reflecting on. Would the process of double blind review – referees don’t know the author; authors don’t know their … Continue reading

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Nitzan and Bichler’s Capital as Power free download

Capital as Power: A Study of Order and Creorder by Jonathan Nitzan and Shimshon Bichler In our book contract with Routledge, we gave up our royalties in return for the publisher pricing the paperback at less than $40 and for … Continue reading

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Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight is now done. It needed work in two main areas – expanding and developing the treatment of Luther; and dramatically cutting down the discussion of King Lear. The Lear material might make a journal article in its expanded … Continue reading

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Sidaway on Terror and Territory

James Sidaway’s very generous review of my Terror and Territory in the Annals of the Association of American Geographers is now available here. This is a compact and sharp book. It is also one that, as a geographer, I am … Continue reading

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