Sidaway on Terror and Territory

James Sidaway’s very generous review of my Terror and Territory in the Annals of the Association of American Geographers is now available here.

This is a compact and sharp book. It is also one that, as a geographer, I am able (and can feel rather proud) to recommend, not only to my students but to peers in other disciplines. It is a good example of the potential for geographical analysis of the political cultures and international relations of the present, showing how these intertwine…

A broader argument about the interactions of sovereignty, terror and violence, and territory can be glimpsed here and in other studies by this author (see especially Elden [forthcoming], a truly agenda-setting study). I expect that his next book… could well prove a landmark survey. In the meantime, Terror and Territory paves the way and will reach wider audiences.

There are some criticisms, of course, particularly in terms of the maps, and the lack of a historical geographical specification of some of the sites covered. The review also highlights the partiality of the coverage, which is fair, although I’d still claim I range far more widely historically and geographically than many accounts.

In short, there are many other terrors, other contested territories, and other ways to comprehend them… Stuart Elden has written a brilliant but also a very particular engagement with the problematics of terror and territory. As such he leaves plenty of room for others.

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