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Forthcoming translations of Althusser – History and Imperialism (Polity) and Lessons on Rousseau (Verso)

Forthcoming translations of Althusser from Polity and Verso History and Imperialism: Writings 1964-1988, translated by G.M. Goshgarian, Polity, October 2019 Writings on History brings together a selection of texts by Louis Althusser dating from 1963 to 1986, including essays, a … Continue reading

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LA Review of Books section on Althusser – includes new translation of Althusser on Rousseau

The LA Review of Books has a theme section on Althusser – which includes a new translation of a lecture on Rousseau from 1972, and six essays including ones by Nina Power, Jason Barker and Richard Seymour. The  whole Rousseau … Continue reading

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Rousseau – Property, Land, Territory

Mark Purcell points to Rousseau’s ‘denunciation of property’ in the second discourse: The first person who, having enclosed a plot of land, took it into his head to say this is mine and found people simple enough to believe him, … Continue reading

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John Plamenatz, Machiavelli, Hobbes, and Rousseau

Almost forty years after they were intended to be delivered, John Plamenatz’s lectures on Machiavelli, Hobbes, and Rousseau have been published. They are reviewed at NDPR by Jeffrey Collins. The review doubts their worth today, but in doing so provides an interesting discussion … Continue reading

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Reading the Classics of Western Philosophy

List below and survey here. The queston asked is how many of these have you read. And the whole of these books, not some, not an abbreviated form. I’m claiming 18 of these, and bits, sometimes substantial, of others. Never read any Sidgwick, Moore, … Continue reading

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The Birth of Territory introduction

I don’t like writing introductions, and The Birth of Territory was definitely no exception. I’d been struggling with working out how to shape this, but now have what I think is a good working version. One of the things I … Continue reading

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Peter Gratton uses my last post to say something about his own work on Boulainviller/Boulainvilliers (the spelling is disputed) here. As I said in that last post, I’ve not read much of him so far, but he looks interesting. For … Continue reading

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Leaving Nijmegen

I’ll be leaving Nijmegen early in the morning to head back to London. The Alexander von Humboldt lecture seemed to be well received. It didn’t go quite as smoothly as I wanted but it was well attended and there were … Continue reading

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Reading texts, the canon, and historical access

Having been away for the weekend I feel like the blog debate that has been going on about Derrida and realism has largely passed me by. That’s fine, in a sense, because it’s not something I’m especially concerned with. (You … Continue reading

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Erlangen lecture – video available

The video (and also, separately, the audio) of the lecture in Erlangen can be found in various formats here. (If you want to read the quotes, then I’d suggest the 640×360 one (Stream or Download) As well as a general … Continue reading

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