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Alice Jardine, At the Risk of Thinking: An Intellectual Biography of Julia Kristeva – discussed at the New Books Network

At the Risk of Thinking: An Intellectual Biography of Julia Kristeva (Bloomsbury, 2020) is the first biography of Julia Kristeva–one of the most celebrated intellectuals in the world. Alice Jardine brings Kristeva’s work to a broader readership by connecting Kristeva’s personal … Continue reading

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Books received – Macherey, Kurlander, Vuillerod, Kristeva, Vernant, Benveniste, Trubetzkoy, Dumézil

A mix of second-hand books, mostly for the new project on Indo-European thought in France, along with a copy of Jean-Baptiste Vuillerod, La naissance de l’anti-hégélianisme: Louis Althusser et Michel Foucault, lecteurs de Hegel, and another volume of the Théorie series, Pierre Macherey, … Continue reading

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Books received – Althusser, Pécheux and Fichant, Badiou, Terray, Balibar, Kristeva, Epstein, Danchev

Some books by Althusser and his then-students – some of which I talk about here – along with Etienne Balibar’s Violence and Civility, a couple by Julia Kristeva, Charlotte Epstein’s Birth of the State: The Place of the Body in … Continue reading

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Indo-European thought in twentieth-century France – the next major project

Although the manuscript on Foucault in the 1960s is not complete, the end is in sight, and I hope to have most of it done by early 2022. That book will complete my four-volume intellectual history of Foucault’s entire career. … Continue reading

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Books received – Kristeva, Lacan, Cahiers pour l’analyse, Benveniste

All bought second-hand, including the issue of Cahiers pour l’analyse with the questions to Foucault and his reply.

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Books received – Dumézil, Brossat and Lorenzini, Bene and Deleuze, Kristeva, de Libera, Morton, Gramsci

Some recently received books, including the English and Spanish versions of Adam David Morton, Revolution and State in Modern Mexico (sent by Adam), the new collection Foucault et… Les liaisons dangereuses de Michel Foucault, edited by Alain Brossat and Daniele … Continue reading

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Books received – Patron, Kristeva, Eliade, Foucault et. al., Derrida, Lévi-Strauss

An edited collection on the Critique journal, Kristeva’s memoir, the final volume of Mircea Eliade’s journal, the long-awaited Intolerable: Writings from Michel Foucault and the Prisons Information Group (1970–1980), the translation of Foucault’s 1982 seminar in Toronto, Speaking the Truth … Continue reading

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Books received – Eliade, Barthes, Foucault, Kristeva, Griffiths

Mostly bought second-hand, but also the new translation of Foucault’s early courses on sexuality from Columbia University Press. My endorsement is on the website but didn’t make the cut for the back cover.

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Books received – Hill, Barthes, King, Chamayou, Keltner, Clark & Szerszynski, Nail

Some books in recompense for review work for Polity, Thomas Nail’s Theory of the Earth, sent by Stanford, and Samantha Rose Hill’s Hannah Arendt.

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Books received – Eliade, Granet, Starobinski, Bensaïd, Lyle, Kristeva

All bought second-hand, except for Daniel Bensaïd, The Dispossessed: Karl Marx’s Debates on Wood Theft and the Right of the Poor – sent by University of Minnesota Press

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