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Books received – Klossowski, Borges, Rancière, Lukács

A few books picked up second-hand, and three by Lukács from Verso.

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Franco Moretti on Lukács’s Theory of the Novel – Centenary Reflections

Franco Moretti on Lukács’s Theory of the Novel – Centenary Reflections, in New Left Review (open access).

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The work of editing – adding references to translations II

In a previous post I said a bit about one of the tasks of editing a translation. I’ve now completed the Heidegger references I discussed in that previous post. The references to Hegel, Jaspers, Heraclitus, Homer, Lukács and Lenin took relatively … Continue reading

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Kostas Axelos in English – a bibliography with links

I’ve made a page with a list of pieces by Kostas Axelos in English with links, along with a few suggestions of secondary reading. It includes all the pieces of which I am aware. Additions or corrections welcome. The picture in this post comes from his … Continue reading

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Georg Lukács, Culture of People’s Democracy – Hungarian essays translated in paperback

Georg Lukács, Culture of People’s Democracy: Hungarian Essays on Literature, Art, and Democratic Transition, 1945-1948 is now available in paperback, translated by Tyrus Miller. Engaged with questions of realist and modernist world-views in art, the relations of literary history to politics, and … Continue reading

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Alex Loftus – Everyday Environmentalism

Interesting new book out by Alex Loftus – Everyday Environmentalism: Creating an Urban Political Ecology with University of Minnesota Press. UMP kindly sent me a publicity copy, and the timing was good – I read it immediately after Matthew Gandy’s … Continue reading

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