Books received – Klossowski, Borges, Rancière, Lukács

A few books picked up second-hand, and three by Lukács from Verso.

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2 Responses to Books received – Klossowski, Borges, Rancière, Lukács

  1. Martin Bongiorno says:

    I’d like to nominate myself as a beneficiary of your book collection. In all seriousness
    revisiting your ‘books received’ posts is a revelation for all geographers both professional
    and amateur would-be’s (like myself)…an invaluable resource that saves the hours and days
    scouring Verso, Haymarket books, Bloomsbury et al… and all the AAUP member pages. What I particularly like is how you ‘bundle’ titles around a theme, an author or publisher, then photograph
    the stack. A warm thanks.

    • stuartelden says:

      Glad the posts are useful. They are less systematic than you think, really just a photo when the pile gets to a certain height. But I do often bundle purchases – getting lots of books by a single author around the same time, on the basis of what I’m working on and/or interested in.

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