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Chris Butler – Henri Lefebvre: Spatial Politics, Everyday Life and the Right to the City

Recently out with Routledge. Looks good, though shame about the price. While certain aspects of Henri Lefebvre’s writings have been examined extensively within the disciplines of geography, social theory, urban planning and cultural studies, there has been no comprehensive consideration … Continue reading

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Antipode‘s 4th Institute for the Geographies of Justice – Durban

This looks a really interesting opportunity for PhD students and early career scholars. Full details here. Antipode‘s 4th Institute for the Geographies of Justice (IGJ) will take place in Durban, South Africa, May 27th – June 1st 2013 (with a … Continue reading

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Shakespeare and War

Derek Gregory has followed up his post on Theatre of/and War with one on Shakespeare and War. Lots of good reading suggestions in both. I’d also suggest Simon Barker, War and Nation in the Theatre of Shakespeare and his Contemporaries. Derek kindly … Continue reading

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A People’s Guide to Los Angeles

People going to the Association of American Geographers in Los Angeles in 2013 may be interested in this book. Entitled A People’s Guide to Los Angeles, it has recently been published by University of California Press. The book backcover blurb … Continue reading

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Gaston Gordillo – The Terrain as Medium of Violence

Also in the ‘Violence and Space’ AAG sessions, Gaston Gordillo on ‘The Terrain as Medium of Violence’. He’s posted the abstract here, and also talks about his intriguing sounding book The Afterlife of Places: Ruins and the Destruction of Space, … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Object-Oriented Philosophy:
The deal with PUF is now done, and it’s a big one: Garcia’s Forme et objet will appear in our Speculative Realism series at Edinburgh University Press. Mark Allan Ohm and Jon Cogburn are the…

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Quentin Meillassoux – ‘Iteration, Reiteration, Repetition’ text

Meillassoux’s 20th April 2012 lecture in Berlin is now online. Not sure how authorised this is, but Peter Gratton and Graham Harman have both linked to it. Graham has some thoughts in response in his post.

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Urban Territory: Violent Political Technologies in London and Kano

This is my abstract for the AAG meeting in Los Angeles next April. It will be part of the ‘Violence and Space’ sessions organised by Philippe le Billon and Simon Springer – call for papers here. I’ll also be part … Continue reading

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Review of John Urry’s Climate Change and Society on the Society and Space open site.

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Lefebvre on Hitler

One of Lefebvre’s earliest books – very hard to find these days – was a short study of the first five years of Hitler’s dictatorship in Germany. Hitler au pouvoir, les enseignements de cinq années de fascisme en Allemagne, Paris: Bureau … Continue reading

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