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What Intellectual History Teaches Us: A Conversation with Quentin Skinner (2019)

What Intellectual History Teaches Us: A Conversation with Quentin Skinner – Jeremy Jennings at the Centre for the Study of Governance and Society, Kings College London A couple of years old, but still interesting in relation to his career, recent … Continue reading

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Political Thought, Time and History: An International Conference – Cambridge, 10-11 May 2018

Full details and programme heherere. It is easy to assume that political thought is bound up with time and history.  To most historians, time and history are obvious dimensions of politics; politics occur in contexts which are temporal and historical, … Continue reading

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Andrew Barry, “Geography and Other Disciplines” – discussion of genealogy and the canon

Andrew Barry has a very interesting new essay published, “Geography and Other Disciplines” – a discussion of geography and the canon. There is also an introduction to the theme issue of which this is part by Richard Powell [update: corrected from … Continue reading

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The most important academic books to me from 2014

A non-systematic, alphabetically ordered list of the academic books published this year I read and most liked – the photo is of some that were to hand. Louis Althusser, On the Reproduction of Capitalism (Verso) Ben Anderson, Encountering Affect: Capacities, Apparatuses, Conditions (Ashgate) Étienne Balibar, Equaliberty: … Continue reading

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Books received – Klein on Climate Change, Skinner on Shakespeare, Lefebvre on Marx, Deleuze & Fascism

A re-edition of one of Henri Lefebvre’s books on Marx; Deleuze and Fascism, edited by Brad Evans and Julian Reid; Quentin Skinner’s Forensic Shakespeare; Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything; and the new issues of RIPE and TCS.

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MANCEPT workshop on Methods in Political Theory

A call for papers for a workshop as part of the Tenth MANCEPT Annual Conference: 4th – 6th September 2013. During the 1960s and 70s the methodological orthodoxy of enquiries into the study of political thought became the target of historical critique. Dissatisfied with … Continue reading

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Ian Hacking in Northumbria

As a break from marking and catching up on journal work and email, I headed up the A1 to Newcastle to hear Ian Hacking speak at the University of Northumbria. I really like his early books The Emergence of Probability … Continue reading

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Freedom and the Construction of Europe

Two volume collection of essays, Freedom and the Construction of Europe , edited by Quentin Skinner and Martin van Gelderen. Freedom, today perceived simply as a human right, was a continually contested idea in the early modern period. In Freedom and the … Continue reading

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Quentin Skinner interview

Very interesting interview with Quentin Skinner in The Art of Theory – part one and part two. If you’re even remotely interested in the history of ideas you should take a look. Among many other things, the discussion of Shakespeare and … Continue reading

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‘How should we do the history of territory?’ – Berkeley audio

The audio recording of my Berkeley talk is now available. Many thanks to Ilaria Giglioli for making the recording. “How should we do the history of territory”, University of California, Berkeley, 14 September 2011.

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