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Books received – Bataille, Bousquet, Elders, Barney & Montag (eds.), de Ipola, Venn

Georges Bataille, Une Liberté Souveraine; Antoine Bousquet, The Eye of War: Military Perception from the Telescope to the Drone; Fons Elders, Reflexive Water; Richard Barney and Warren Montag (eds.), Systems of Life: Biopolitics, Economics and Literature on the Cusp of … Continue reading

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Yanis Varoufakis in conversation with Noam Chomsky about Greece

Yanis Varoufakis in conversation with Noam Chomsky about Greece (via Sociological Imagination).

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Foucault-Chomsky debate – in full, with subtitles

You may need to turn the captions on to see the subtitles. Thanks to Philippe Theophanidis and Agostino Mantegna for sending me the link.

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Chomsky on the decline of US power

At Informed Comment, an excerpt from a chapter in Power Systems: Conversations on Global Democratic Uprisings and the New Challenges to U.S. Empire, Noam Chomsky’s new interview book with David Barsamian.  

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Hallward interviews Chomsky

In the new issue of Radical Philosophy – open access.

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Histories of Violence

That Massumi lecture is part of a series, including pieces by Bauman and Chomsky, which is itself part of a wider project run by Brad Evans at University of Leeds on ‘Histories of Violence’. The project has a website here, though … Continue reading

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Crampton, Elden, Chomsky

Jeremy Crampton uses the opportunity of linking to my interview to recount an embarassing story about us here.

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Paul Mason on the recent global unrest

Newsnight’s Paul Mason offers some generalisations on the recent global unrest here. He stresses the importance of social media, the decline of ideologies, the role of women, the importance of memes, and so on. Mentions Foucault, Chomsky, Hardt and Negri, … Continue reading

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More on Egypt

Even though he is no longer in Egypt, Graham Harman’s blog is a good source of up-to-date information, both from media sources and personal contacts. Particularly moving is the category of links to photographs of those who have died. As … Continue reading

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