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Aberystwyth-Lancaster Postgraduate Colloquium in International Relations

University of Manchester, 5-7 June 2013. I spoke at this a couple of years ago when it was held in Durham. Keynotes this time are Maja Zehfuss and Mick Dillon – should be good.  

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Two forthcoming interviews

Two interviews with me are coming out in journals soon. One was conducted in person almost a year ago, when I went to the University of Kentucky to give one of their Social Theory lectures – the paper that is … Continue reading

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Martin Eve on the Open Library of the Humanities

At the LSE blog, Martin Eve discusses a new open access project – the Open Library of the Humanities.

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LRB on the Mali Intervention

Stephen W. Smith has a thoughtful piece in the London Review of Books on the intervention in Mali. Here’s the last paragraph, but the whole thing is worth reading: The bigger question is not why France decided to intervene but … Continue reading

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Catherine Malabou Bodies in Movement seminar recordings

Audio recordings of a seminar with Catherine Malabou at Edinburgh, part of the Bodies in Movement seminar series, are now available. Michael O’Rourke introduced, and there were responses from Jean-Paul Martinon, Tommy Lynch, Eszter Timar, Beth Lord and Liam Jones.

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John Protevi, Life, War, Earth

In the post today, the manuscript of John Protevi’s new book, Life, War, Earth: Deleuze and the Sciences, which I’ve agreed to endorse for University of Minnesota Press. Looking forward to reading this.

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Paris 1900 in colour

Some remarkable images of Paris in 1900, via Urban Cultural Studies.

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Books received

A couple of old translations of Hegel, Žižek’s fairly early book on Hegel, Judith Butler’s Parting Ways, Engin Isin’s Citizens without Frontiers, and Matthieu Rigoste, L’ennemi intérieur, borrowed from Gerald Moore.  

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Interview with Gary Genosko at Figure/Ground Communication.

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Israeli Settlement Bus Routes and other infographics

At Territorial Masquerades, Teo Ballvé discusses this remarkable graphic of bus routes between West Jerusalem and Israeli West Bank settlements. I took the bus from Kiryat Arba on the outskirts of Hebron back to Jerusalem quite late one evening to the … Continue reading

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