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MA in Modern Philosophy

This looks an interesting attempt to teach through the analytic/continental divide in philosophy. The Royal Holloway MA in Modern Philosophy offers a unique approach to post-graduate study of philosophy by bringing into conversation Anglo-American ‘analytical’ philosophy on the one hand … Continue reading

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Jacques Rancière collection

Just out with Continuum – Jacques Rancière and the Contemporary Scene: The Philosophy of Radical Equality, edited by Alison Ross edited by Jean-Philippe Deranty. This book forms the first critical study of Jacques Rancière’s impact and contribution to contemporary theoretical … Continue reading

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Hallward interviews Chomsky

In the new issue of Radical Philosophy – open access.

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AAG reflections

I enjoyed the AAG, as much for the possibilities it created as for the sessions themselves. Gerard Toal has written up some reflections which I fully agree with – it has become huge, and it is just impossible to negotiate a … Continue reading

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Literary Geographies

New website with bibliographies of work in literary geographies, run by Sheila Hones and James Kneale.

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Occupy London evicted

Video here; photos and video here; thoughtful piece by Giles Fraser (formerly canon chanceller of St. Paul’s Cathedral) here.

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Simon Critchley interview

Interesting interview with Simon Critchley here. It covers his new book Faith of the Faithless and a range of other questions, political, theological and philosophical.

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The Geopolitics of King Lear – discussion

Here is the audio file of the discussion following my presentation to the Anachronic Shakespeare conference. It took a bit of work to clean up the recording and balance the volume levels a little better. The recording of the lecture itself … Continue reading

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Kanishka Goonewardena on Lefebvre, State, Space, World

Kanishka Goonewardena has written a review of Henri Lefebvre, State, Space, World in the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research (requires subscription). He begins with the ‘bad news’ that for a range of reasons Lefebvre’s De l’État is unlikely … Continue reading

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More free papers

Another five papers I have uploaded to this site: Elden, S. Heidegger’s Animals. Continental Philosophy Review. 2006;39:273-91. Elden, S. Kostas Axelos and the World of the Arguments Circle. In: Bourg, J. After the Deluge: New Perspectives on Postwar French Intellectual … Continue reading

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