Simon Critchley interview

Interesting interview with Simon Critchley here. It covers his new book Faith of the Faithless and a range of other questions, political, theological and philosophical.

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3 Responses to Simon Critchley interview

  1. Steve Mentz says:

    Is that my old friend Robert Greene, dressed up in his shroud, on Critchley’s cover? Interesting b/c although this image performs Greene’s religious faith — it’s for a volume called *The Repentance of Robert Greene*, published posthumously in 1592 — Greene was a notorious profligate and many readers, very much including me, doubt the sincerity of his faith. (I have a chapter on this in my book *Romance for Sale in Early Modern England*, pub 2004.) Repentance” was one of three texts published in 1592 claiming to be Greene’s true last words. Maybe Critchley knows all this, b/c Greene performs a faith he might reasonably be thought not to possess? I might need to follow up with this…after I finish my talk for Friday!

  2. Steve Mentz says:

    Correction — the image is from *Greene in Conceipt* (1598) by John Dickenson, one of several posthumous books written about the notorious Greene after his death. It shows an imagined view of him writing the Repentance, probably.

  3. stuartelden says:

    Thanks Steve – sounds one to follow up…

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