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Farewell Kathy Wood; welcome Kiersty Hong

The end of an era in the life of Society and Space – as Kathy Wood finishes her eight years as journal manager, and Kiersty Hong takes over. Many thanks Kathy – you will be greatly missed.

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Peter Gordon on Heidegger’s Black Notebooks in the New York Review of Books

Originally posted on Progressive Geographies:
Peter Gordon on Heidegger’s ‘Black Notebooks’ in The New York Review of Books (requires subscription).

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Pluto Press Megasale: 40% off all books!

Pluto Press have a sale…

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Forthcoming Publications – new page and some preprints

I’ve added a forthcoming publications page to the site, along with links to a few preprints. These are only for publications currently in production – it doesn’t include things under review or being drafted. I’m hoping the Boko Haram paper will … Continue reading

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Photos from Nietzsche’s summer walks by Mark Anderson

The Bloomsbury Philosophy blog has some photographs of the sites of Nietzsche’s walks in Italy. They are taken by Mark Anderson, author of the recently published book Plato and Nietzsche: Their Philosophical Art. They had an earlier post focusing on some important … Continue reading

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Jonathan P Allen comments on Matthew Wilson’s ‘Continuous connectivity’ article

A commentary on a recent piece in the journal – the original piece is open access for a month.

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Top posts on Progressive Geographies this week

Globalization: the career of a concept – special issue of Globalizations Giving a Philosophy Talk The Republic of the Living: Biopolitics and the Critique of Civil Society (2014) September issue of Antipode out now My essay on Foucault’s La société … Continue reading

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Towards a reading list on the Ebola crisis – a new resource page on Progressive Geographies

I’ve put together a reading list on Ebola, specifically in relation to the West African situation in 2014. Linking does not mean I necessarily agree with the article. Additional pieces welcome – I’ve tended to avoid mainstream news stories unless they … Continue reading

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Heidegger’s Black Notebooks – video of a discussion at CUNY Graduate Center

Richard Wolin, Jeffrey Van Davis, Emmanuel Faye, Karsten Harries, and Thomas Sheehan discuss Heidegger’s ‘Black Notebooks’ at CUNY Graduate Center. Thanks to Enowning for the link.

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The Republic of the Living: Biopolitics and the Critique of Civil Society (2014)

Originally posted on Foucault News:
Miguel Vatter, The Republic of the Living: Biopolitics and the Critique of Civil Society, Fordham University Press,June 2014 ISBN: 9780823256020 Further info Details of workshop on book below description. This book takes up Foucault’s hypothesis…

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