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Andrew Barry, “Geography and Other Disciplines” – discussion of genealogy and the canon

Andrew Barry has a very interesting new essay published, “Geography and Other Disciplines” – a discussion of geography and the canon. There is also an introduction to the theme issue of which this is part by Richard Powell [update: corrected from … Continue reading

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Books received – Macey, Roberts, Amoore, Barry, Dosse, Tel Quel Reader, TCS, JUCS

Some older books ordered for the Foucault project – the Dosse has some important information on CERFI, there is a Foucault piece in The Tel Quel Reader; Andrew Barry’s Material Politics and Louise Amoore’s The Politics of Possibility sent by … Continue reading

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Andrew Barry, Material Politics

Andrew Barry’s new book Material Politics: Disputes Along the Pipeline is forthcoming in September in the RGS-IBG book series. In Material Politics, author Andrew Barry reveals that as we are beginning to attend to the importance of materials in political … Continue reading

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