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Territory and Risk

Two interesting looking collections, edited by Valérie November. More details here, and in the video she talks about the work. A paper on this topic in Society and Space, co-authored with Eduardo Camacho-Hübner and Bruno Latour, entitled “Entering a Risky … Continue reading

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Greenland and Antarctica ice sheets melting

The Guardian has a gallery of striking images of Greenland and Antarctica ice sheet melt.

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All over the world

ClustrMaps, which this blog uses to track where visitors are from, cleared my two-year old map and started a new one a month ago. In that month there were just over 10,000 discrete visits – only counting people who visited … Continue reading

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Interview with Erik Swyngedouw

Clip from a longer interview with Erik Swyngedouw – thanks to Kenton Card for the link.  

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Interview with Jodi Dean

Jodi Dean’s The Communist Horizonis getting quite a lot of attention. Figure/Ground Communication has an interview with her here.

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Rhythm of Capital – Reading Henri Lefebvre’s Rhythmanalysis

A blog entitled Rhythm of Capital – Reading Henri Lefebvre’s Rhythmanalysis provides lots of videos of rhythms to exemplify some of Lefebvre’s themes. It’s run by students of New Media at University of Amsterdam. I was pointed to this site by … Continue reading

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Postgraduate Funding Opportunities at Durham

Details of the Durham Doctoral Studentships and ESRC studentships – the most common funding schemes used in Human Geography – are available here. Details of the department’s programmes, research topics, etc. are available here.

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Urban Uprising! Re-imagining the City – conference in New York

Further details here – via Experimental Geographies. In the wake of the 2008 explosion of the current economic crisis, more and more people are actively fighting to restore what they’ve lost. Not since the ‘60s have so many people across … Continue reading

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Citizen Balibar – Interview with Étienne Balibar

At Books and Ideas, a wide-ranging interview with Étienne Balibar.

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Geography and the Humanities

In the Politicised Literary Geographies event, one of the things discussed was the relation between the discipline of Geography and the Humanities. Geography is often put in a Social Sciences faculty (which can be seen as an issue by Physical … Continue reading

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