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Stuart Elden, ‘Terrain, Politics, History’ – Dialogues in Human Geography article with responses from Gastón Gordillo, Kimberley Peters, Bruno Latour, Rachael Squire and Deborah P. Dixon, and a reply (most open access)

My 2019 Dialogues in Human Geography lecture, ‘Terrain, Politics, History‘ has been published in the journal (open access). The responses are by: Gastón Gordillo, The power of terrain: The affective materiality of planet Earth in the age of revolution (open … Continue reading

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Jeremy Crampton on maps, permissions and Asterix

Slow linking to these, but Jeremy Crampton has two follow-up posts to my earlier sharing of Mary Beard’s interesting piece on the last stages of writing a book – SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome. In the first he talks about maps … Continue reading

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Geography blogs – a list, and a discussion of ‘why blog?’

Sam Kinsley has compiled a list of Geographers that blog, and followed this with a post questioning their focus, an excerpt of which was: It was a surprise to me how quite a few of those blogs, with some honourable … Continue reading

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#AAG2015 in Chicago – a few final thoughts

Very enjoyable conference in Chicago over the last several days. I’ve said a bit about the two sessions I spoke in – on Ebola and terrain – before. It was a good conference, with some excellent papers. A particular highlight was … Continue reading

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Political Geography forum on The Birth of Territory online

Claudio Minca, Jeremy W. Crampton,  Joe Bryan, Juliet J. Fall, Alex B. Murphy, Anssi Paasi, Stuart Elden, “Reading Stuart Elden’s The Birth of Territory“, Political Geography, article in press (requires subscription or email me). The Birth of Territory is an outstanding scholarly achievement, a book ‘of remarkable … Continue reading

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Heterotopian Studies on Foucault on Rebeyrolle

Heterotopian Studies has a short discussion of Foucault’s work on the artist Paul Rebeyrolle – an essay that is translated in the Space, Knowledge and Power: Foucault and Geography collection Jeremy Crampton and I edited in 2007.

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Archipelago/Funambulist Conversation between Léopold Lambert and Stuart Elden on Territory and Volume

I’ve linked to content on Archipelago – the podcast companion site to Léopold Lambert’s The Funambulist – before. This time it’s a discussion with me, conducted at the CUSP offices in New York, and mainly discussing my 2013 article “Secure the … Continue reading

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Jeremy Crampton on my ‘the political is always technical’ comment

Jeremy Crampton has responded in a very interesting way to my comment that ‘the political is always technical’. I made that comment in my remarks to the ArcticNet conference last week – a summary and the audio recording are here. … Continue reading

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Issue 4 out

Society and Space issue 4 out – lots of great papers here, including ones by Crampton, Neocleous, Holt and Longhurst, and review essays by Barkan and Reid-Henry…

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Foucault books received

Two new books – the Blackwell A Companion to Foucault, and the new collection La grande étrangère. I’ll be reviewing the Companion for Cultural Geographies. It looks really good including a translation of Daniel Defert’s ‘Chronology’ from Dits et écrits … Continue reading

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