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Being Interdisciplinary

Adrian Ivakhiv has some thoughts on “The joy (& loneliness) of being interdisciplinarian“. I am someone who did a first degree in Politics and Modern history – though taught from a single department of Government – with a PhD from that … Continue reading

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‘Teritorij bez granica’ – ‘Territory without Borders’ in Croatian

One of the speaking invitations I unfortunately had to turn down this year was to speak in Zagreb at the Human Rights film festival.  (You know you are busy when you have to turn down expenses-paid trips to interesting places you’ve … Continue reading

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More on Occupy

this is also a useful collection of links and images

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On the Occupy movement

The Berkeley Journal of Sociology has a whole host of links on the Occupy movement.

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Durham Doctoral Studentships

I mentioned some funding opportunities recently; the Durham Doctoral Studentships – especially useful for those ineligible for the other schemes are now advertised here.

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Marx as writer

Roland Boer shares the preface to his forthcoming book  Criticism of Earth: On Marx, Engels and Theology. Very interesting on Marx’s manner of writing, and the contrasts with Engels.

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Crampton and Elden on Exploring Geopolitics

Over at Exploring Geopolitics, Jeremy Crampton and I are two of the first to offer our thoughts on the year in geopolitics. Jeremy discusses Wikileaks; I say something about the Occupy movement. Saul Cohen offers much more comprehensive thoughts here.

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Foucault, Ascesis, Medieval Studies

Eileen Joy has an interesting post here about the late Foucault and Medieval Studies. The focus is particularly on the fragments of Foucault’s work on the Christian saints. In that vein, Philippe Chevalier’s new book Michel Foucault et le christianisme … Continue reading

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Stanley Cavell on Coriolanus and political readings

Fortunately I got there on my own first, but this is why I was right to abandon my initial idea of a narrowly political reading of Coriolanus. In the critical discussions I have read so far, the psychoanalytic perspective has produced more … Continue reading

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Foreign Policy – To the Barricades

Some great photos of a year in protests, in Foreign Policy. Thanks to Leonhardt van Efferink for the link.

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