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Books received – Greenblatt, Soussloff, Howe, Graham

Two second-hand copies of books by Stephen Greenblatt, the new collection Foucault on the Arts and Letters in recompense for review work (30% discount here), and two books sent by publishers – Nicolas Howe’s Landscapes of the Secular and Stephen … Continue reading

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Books received – Cisney & Morar, Gautam, Ramachandran, Derrida, Burnham, Fink, Greenblatt, Lecavalier

Mainly from Chicago in recompense for review work, along with two second-hand books (Burnham for teaching, Greenblatt for the Shakespeare project), Jesse Lecavalier, The Rule of Logistics, sent by the publisher, and Eugen Fink, Play as Symbol of the World, to … Continue reading

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Steve Mentz on Greenblatt’s The Swerve

Further to yesterday’s post, here’s Steve Mentz on Stephen Greenblatt’s The Swerve.

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Greenblatt, The Swerve – prizes and criticisms

Jeffrey Cohen has an interesting post on Stephen Greenblatt’s The Swerve: How the World Became Modern which has been gathering prizes, including the Pulitzer and the National Book Award, and severe criticism at the same time. I have the book, … Continue reading

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Routledge books received

I did some review work for Routledge a while back. These are the books I received in recompense – mainly some Judith Butler books I’d read but didn’t own; some for the Shakespeare project; and David Delaney’s The Spatial, the … Continue reading

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New books received

A pile of new books received recently. Foucault’s Mal faire, dire vrai is probably the first I will tackle. The Polity ones here were in recompense for a review of a manuscript for them; Alex Jeffrey kindly sent me a copy … Continue reading

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Greenblatt on Shakespeare and Absolutism

What is striking is that his work, alert to every human fantasy and longing, is allergic to the absolutist strain so prevalent in his world, from the metaphysical to the mundane. His kings repeatedly discover the constraints within which they … Continue reading

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When Greenblatt met Clinton

Good story in Stephen Greenblatt, Shakespeare’s Freedom (pp. 74-75). Greenblatt says how he was invited to the the White House for a poetry evening, and President Clinton gave a speech which mentioned Macbeth. This was, he remarked wryly, not the most … Continue reading

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More Coriolanus reviews

Joe Glenton in Counterfire Monika Bartyzel in The Atlantic Dana Stevens in Slate Richard Corliss in Time Stephen Greenblatt in New York Review of Books (requires subscription) and mine in Berfrois

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Greenblatt, Shakespeare’s Freedom

A sample of Stephen Greenblatt’s Shakespeare’s Freedom is freely available at Berfrois. Berfrois will also be publishing my short piece on the new Ralph Fiennes film Coriolanus sometime in the next couple of weeks.

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