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Reading Kant’s Geography

The editor copies have arrived. Been receiving some nice messages from contributors as their own copies make it across the world… Publisher site here – one for libraries in the first instance.

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theory@buffalo theme issue on Territory and reviews of Terror and Territory

The journal theory@buffalo has a new issue on ‘Territories of Thought’. Interesting mix of papers on the theme, including papers on Heidegger, Plato and the animal. It includes a very careful and generous review essay of my Terror and Territory by Guy Witzel. The … Continue reading

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Reading Foucault in Nigeria

The key work I did in Nigeria, aside from editing Society and Space, was on Foucault. This is for two, interrelated, projects. The first is to to write a chapter for the book coming out of The Foucault Effect 1991-2011 … Continue reading

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Sloterdijk Now copyediting done

That was easy – refreshing to have a copyeditor who doesn’t take it upon themselves to rewrite the book. I’ve said it before, but Polity have been excellent to work with. Still on progress for a late 2011 publication, though … Continue reading

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I was in Nigeria for nearly two weeks. It’s a direct flight from Amsterdam to Abuja, and the plane stops there for between 1 and 2 hours and then goes onto Kano. I arrived at about 11pm. Immigration and passport … Continue reading

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AHRC and ‘Big Society’ – action needed

Posted on behalf of Thom Brooks. Please read and consider writing: Dear friends and colleagues, My thanks again for your support in the campaign to persuade the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to remove the “Big Society” from … Continue reading

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Carl Schmitt workshop audio files

Audio files for a conference on Carl Schmitt recently held in London are now available, here.

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Foucault Effect first panel

Thanks to Justin Choi for the picture – this is from the first panel (left to right: me, Colin Gordon, Daniel Defert, Peter Fitzpatrick, Maria Carolina Olerte).

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Free Downloads page

I’ve added a page with links to all the material I know that is available online without subscription.

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Oecumene Symposium: Citizenship after Orientalism

Engin Isin’s fascinating Oecumene project has details of their first symposium, on the theme of ‘Citizenship after Orientalism’ here. The events run from Feb 6-11, and keynote speakers are a stellar lineup of Judith Butler, Paul Gilroy, Bryan Turner and Engin … Continue reading

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