Oecumene Symposium: Citizenship after Orientalism

Engin Isin’s fascinating Oecumene project has details of their first symposium, on the theme of ‘Citizenship after Orientalism’ here. The events run from Feb 6-11, and keynote speakers are a stellar lineup of Judith Butler, Paul Gilroy, Bryan Turner and Engin himself. The site also has links to lots of other info, including a blog. More details below.

The Oecumene project is pleased to announce its first
Citizenship after Orientalism
6-11 February 2012, The Open University, Milton Keynes

The Symposium will include:
A Conference ‘Opening the Boundaries of Citizenship’ [6-7 February], An International PhD School ‘Tracing Colonialism and Orientalism in Social and Political Thought’ [8 February],
A series of workshops addressing specific topics on critical new ways of conceptualising citizenship [9-11 February].

Keynote speakers: Judith Butler (University of
California, Berkeley), Paul Gilroy (LSE), Bryan Turner (CUNY), Engin Isin (The Open University). 
PhD School Conveners: Ian Almond (Georgia State
University), Roberto Dainotto (Duke University).

The first Symposium will explore what it means to open up the boundaries of citizenship. How can we give an account of other ways of being political? Which political practices have
been rendered inarticulable as political by exclusionary ideas of citizenship? These questions seem most relevant today, in light of the contemporary re-articulation of orientalist and colonial projects, the increasing popular discontent towards renewed exclusionary logics, and the contested meanings of
democratic politics across boundaries.

The call for papers and
applications are now open
For further details please visit our website: http://www.oecumene.eu

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