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Foucault also struggled to get his students to do the reading…

I’ve previously shared one of Lacan’s comments from his seminar. Here’s Foucault on the same theme: Has everyone read these texts? Yes? No? Nobody? Well, I will have to punish you, that’s for sure! I’m not going to tell you … Continue reading

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Cite Specific: Analyzing Endnotes to Teach Historical Methods

Cite Specific: Analyzing Endnotes to Teach Historical Methods – an interesting exercise by Roxanne Panchasi. It all started with a desire to have a different kind of conversation with my students about citation, one that wouldn’t be consumed by the details of … Continue reading

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Map Projection Transitions – animated versions

I usually begin my courses on geopolitics and territory with some discussion of map projections. Jason Davies has provides some good animated versions here – thanks to Rob Kitchin for the link.

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The morning after the day before – contemporary politics and research directions

There are many things on which to reflect from yesterday’s events in the USA. One side of my extended family is in Ohio, Michigan and Alabama, so this is personally as well as generally political. But I was supposed to … Continue reading

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A new term at Warwick – teaching but also some research

On Monday a new term at Warwick began. My teaching is blocked into term 1, and most of it is in the first few weeks, so this is a busy time. I’m also heading to California next week for the … Continue reading

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Interview with Saskia Sassen at Figure/Ground

A brief interview with Saskia Sassen at Figure/Ground, mainly on teaching and changing technologies.

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Umberto Eco, How to Write a Thesis – reviewed in Times Higher Education

As previously mentioned, Umberto Eco’s 1977 book How to Write a Thesis now out in translation from MIT Press – it is reviewed in The Times Higher Education by Robert Eaglestone – thanks to Dean Bond for the link. Here’s the concluding … Continue reading

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Why Google Maps gets Africa wrong

Decent piece in The Guardian on maps and projections in relation to Africa. I often use examples just like this at the beginning of courses on territory and geopolitics.

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State, Power, Freedom: European Political Theory – outline for teaching next year

One of the things I was looking forward to, now back in a Politics department, was to teach some political theory. So, this is the outline of a planned module for either final year undergraduates or MA students. It revolves … Continue reading

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Burning Issues: Geopolitics Today – webpage for Warwick class

My MA lecture class at Warwick, Burning Issues: Geopolitics Today now has a webpage.

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