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Which philosopher would fare best in a present-day university?

Which philosopher would fare best in a present-day university? – a discussion in The Guardian by Lloyd Strickland. If you know Lloyd’s work – which I do – then the answer is not surprising…

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Books received – Lefebvre, Nail, Wikileaks, RIS, Leibniz, Groupe Information Santé

A real mix of stuff – a collection edited by Lefebvre on Fourier, Thomas Nail’s The Figure of the Migrant (which I endorsed and mentioned last week); the new issue of Review of International Studies; Verso’s new book The Wikileaks Files; an offprint of an … Continue reading

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Leibniz on the geography of flooding in Annals of Science, with commentary by Lloyd Strickland and Michael Church

A previously unpublished letter by Leibniz on the geography of flooding has been published in Annals of Science with a commentary by Lloyd Strickland and Michael Church. Lloyd is a leading Leibniz scholar and Michael is one of the few physical geographers I know with … Continue reading

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Books received

Mainly some books from Routledge in recompense for review work, but also Shiloh Krupar’s Hot Spotter’s Report and the new issue of Geographica Helvetica (which included my piece ‘Leibniz and Geography‘.

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Leibniz archive

A very interesting post by Stephen Wolfram about working in the Leibniz archive, with plenty of photographs of his manuscripts (via Leiter Reports).

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Leibniz paper forthcoming in Geographica Helvetica

My paper on Leibniz, now under the title ‘Leibniz and Geography: Geologist, Palaeontologist, Biologist, Historian, Political Theorist and Geopolitician’ is forthcoming with Geographica Helvetica. Given that journal’s remit of crossing between linguistic traditions, it is a fitting home for a … Continue reading

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Leibniz and Geography references

Thanks for the comments on the previous post on this. As a couple of people asked, I’ve uploaded the bibliography for the paper. It’s not a reading list on the topic, because there are things referenced that are not directly … Continue reading

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Geographers on Leibniz – a question

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Next things to do

The manuscript for The Birth of Territory, the image files and all the permissions paperwork went to University of Chicago Press yesterday. Of course, there are still copy-editing queries, proofs, index, cover discussions, marketing questionnaires and so on to come, but … Continue reading

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Another Leibniz – audio and slides

I’ve put the audio recording of my AAG talk on Leibniz together with the powerpoint slides, and uploaded it to youtube. I had to re-record the first minute as the recording of that was incomplete, so apologies for the transition … Continue reading

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