Books received – Lefebvre, Nail, Wikileaks, RIS, Leibniz, Groupe Information Santé


A real mix of stuff – a collection edited by Lefebvre on Fourier, Thomas Nail’s The Figure of the Migrant (which I endorsed and mentioned last week); the new issue of Review of International Studies; Verso’s new book The Wikileaks Files; an offprint of an essay on Leibniz and flooding by Lloyd Strickland and Michael Church; and a text by the Groupe Information Santé, La médecine désordonnée.

GISThe last of these is for the Foucault project. The GIS was set up on the model of the Groupe d’information sur les prisons, and Foucault was involved in early work. This volume dates from 1974, and I’m not sure that it includes anything with which Foucault was directly responsible, but it’s a valuable resource nonetheless. The group was active in projects around industrial medicine, the abortion rights struggle in France, migrant health and the power of the medical profession over patients. A table of contents can be found here. I may say more in a future update on the book.


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