Foucault audio and video recordings

foucaultThere are many audio and video recordings of Foucault found in various places online. I’ve tried to compile all these and put them in chronological order.

16 December 1961 on Histoire de la folie (audio)

1962 on Raymond Roussel (audio)

1965 – interview with Alain Badiou (video)

1965 – Philosophie et vérité – Badiou, Canguilhem, Dreyfus, Foucault, Hypolite, Ricoeur (video)

1966 – Le corps, lieu d’utopies and Heterotopias (the latter mislabelled as 1980) – released on a cd in 2004 and published in the little book ‘Le Corps Utopique – Les Hétérotopies’ (more details on all this here).

? – on Bachelard (video)

2 May 1969 on l’Archéologie du savoir (audio)

1971 ‘The Lost Interview’ (video) – in preparation for below TV programme

28 Nov 1971 – discussion with Noam Chomsky and Fons Elders, ‘On Human Nature’ (video)

1975 – Jacques Chancel interviewing Foucault (audio)

Jan-Mar 1976 – Il faut défendre la société, Collège de France lectures

25 April 1977 – La justice et la police (video)

4 July 1977 – Foucault, Clavel, Glucksmann and Jambet (video with paywall; excerpt without paywall in short documentary on Clavel)

Jan-Apr 1978 – Sécurité, territoire, population, Collège de France lectures

Jan-Apr 1979 – Naissance de la biopolitique, Collège de France lectures

October 20-21 1980 – ‘Truth and Subjectivity’, Howison lectures, UC Berkeley (audio). These lectures were given with slight variations on November 17 and 24 at Dartmouth College. Those lectures were transcribed and published in Political Theory in 1990 and have been republished since in The Politics of Truth and Religion and Culture. Variants between the Berkeley and Dartmouth versions are noted in that text, and in the French L’origine de l’herméneutique de soi.

late October 1980 – discussion with Hubert Dreyfus, and Dreyfus’s account of conversations with Foucault and the above lectures. (The link doesn’t provide a date, but Dreyfus’s comments indicate large parts were recorded between the Howison lectures and the seminars Foucault gave later that month at Berkeley. There is some interesting discussion in what are working notes sent to Paul Rabinow while they were working on their book on Foucault.)

7 May 1981- Interview with André Berten (video; transcript – also in Mal faire, dire vrai/Wrong-Doing, Truth-Telling)

6 Jan 1982 – opening lectures of L’hermeneutique du sujet, Collège de France (audio – followed by some of the 1984 course, but see below for a full recording)

? 1983 on the prison (audio)

Jan-Mar 1983 – Gouvernement de soi et des autres, Collège de France lectures

12 April 1983, ‘The Culture of the Self‘, UC Berkeley lecture; and followup seminar with History – part one and part two – on 13? April.

May 1983 – discussions – Rabinow seminars and phonecall

24 Oct- 21 Nov 1983 – ‘Discourse and Truth: Parrhesia‘, UC Berkeley – these were transcribed as the Fearless Speech book.

Jan-Mar 1984 – Courage de la vérité, Collège de France lectures

There is a lot catalogued as ‘Archives sonaires’ at the IMEC site, but apart from ones otherwise linked above these are all on cd.

Finally, two video documentaries – ‘Michel Foucault par lui-même

This has footage of Foucault I’d not seen elsewhere

and an episode of the ‘Beyond Good and Evil‘ series.

Any more out there? (Thanks to those who previously sent links)


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  1. Kurt Borg says:

    Hi Stuart, thanks for this – a very useful resource. I came across this recently, from 1965.

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