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Academic Books of 2016 – my personal list

Many of the academic books I read this year were for the Foucault and Shakespeare work, and few were published this year. This alphabetical list is of the twenty books published this year which I read and liked the most. … Continue reading

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Eugen Fink, Play as Symbol of the World and Other Writings review at NDPR

My review of Eugen Fink, Play as Symbol of the World and Other Writings has been published at Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. Eugen Fink (1905-1975) is not sufficiently well known in the Anglophone world, in part because of the lack … Continue reading

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Eugen Fink, Play as Symbol of the World And Other Writings – forthcoming from IUP

Eugen Fink, Play as Symbol of the World And Other Writings is forthcoming from Indiana University Press. This is a book I’ve found very helpful in thinking about the ‘world’, and wrote about in an article in 2008 for Parrhesia. Its … Continue reading

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Earth, Terricide, Geo-metrics

I’ve now nearly finished writing my keynote lecture for the Regimes of Calculation and Global Governance workshop at the Balsillie School of International Affairs (September 19-20). The title is “Geo-metrics” (abstract here). This is the third in a sequence of … Continue reading

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Heidegger, Cassirer (& Fink) at Davos

Finally got round to reading Peter E. Gordon’s Continental Divide: Heidegger, Cassirer, Davos. It’s an interesting book, on a key moment in European intellectual history. One thing thought was interesting was that Eugen Fink attended the debate – I knew … Continue reading

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Derrida, Heidegger, Moretti

The project of translating Derrida’s seminars has a website. It includes dates for forthcoming volumes. A set of audio and video recordings on and by Heidegger is now available here. Includes pieces by Gadamer, Sloterdijk and Fink (thanks to Enowning for the link). … Continue reading

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Foucault – Leçons sur la volonté de savoir

As exciting as the English version of The Courage of Truth is, the real news in Foucault studies this year is surely the publication of Leçons sur la volonté de savoir. I gave this an initial, fairly fast, read on … Continue reading

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New books

A whole big pile of books arrived over the last few months while I’ve been away. Some of them are ones I have chapters in; one I endorsed; most are ones I asked for in recompense for review work; some … Continue reading

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World, Territory, Space workshop

The workshop/Masterclass was held today. A good group of about 15, discussing four of my texts around the themes of ‘world, territory, space’ (details and links here). We discussed the use of spatial/geographical terms in and beyond Geography; the relation … Continue reading

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The Space of the World 2009

Here’s the initial project proposal I wrote in 2009 for the work I’m now beginning to think about more seriously. Globalisation remains a significant research topic across the social sciences and humanities. Yet despite attention within geography, a coherent analysis … Continue reading

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