World, Territory, Space workshop

The workshop/Masterclass was held today. A good group of about 15, discussing four of my texts around the themes of ‘world, territory, space’ (details and links here).

We discussed the use of spatial/geographical terms in and beyond Geography; the relation of these three terms to other geographical concepts including place, location, network, etc.; calculation and space; globalisation in all manner of ways, including especially in relation to deterritorialisation; territory and territoriality; some on territorial practices and conceptions, especially in colonialism and in particular Australia; how interpersonal relations can be understood spatiality; megachurches; the spatial idea of continents; Antarctica; animals; cosmopolitanism; flows; de Tocqueville; Heidegger, Fink and Sloterdijk… quite a range of stuff. We closed with a discussion about publishing and writing.

All very interesting and a good way to spend a morning. One of the things I’ve most enjoyed about being at the Humanities Research Centre at ANU has been talking to people from an arts and humanities background – artists, literature scholars, historians, etc., and the mix of disciplines here was great. Thanks to all who participated and Debjani Ganguly for convening and moderating the discussion.

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