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John Agnew ed. The Confines of Territory – Routledge, November 2020

John Agnew ed. The Confines of Territory – Routledge, November 2020 A collection of papers from Territory, Politics, Governance, edited by John Agnew, the former editor of the journal. Pleased to have one of my articles in here (original available here). Only … Continue reading

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Saskia Sassen – A world unified by the golden rule: expropriation

Saskia Sassen – A world unified by the golden rule: expropriation – interview with Il Manifesto (via e-flux).

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Saskia Sassen interviewed by Shamus Khan in Public Culture (requires subscription)

Saskia Sassen interviewed by Shamus Khan in Public Culture (requires subscription) Shamus Khan talks with Saskia Sassen about some of her most influential book projects, from The Mobility of Labor and Capital and The Global City to her recent publication, Expulsions: Brutality and Complexity in … Continue reading

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Journal of Historical Geography review forum on The Birth of Territory published (Legg, Heffernan, McDonagh, Cohen, Sassen, Elden)

The review forum on The Birth of Territory in Journal of Historical Geography is now published. Reviews by Stephen Legg, Michael Heffernan, Briony McDonagh, Jeffrey Jerome Cohen and Saskia Sassen, and a response by me. The full article requires subscription, but there is a preprint … Continue reading

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Interview with Saskia Sassen at Figure/Ground

A brief interview with Saskia Sassen at Figure/Ground, mainly on teaching and changing technologies.

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Saskia Sassen on Disposable Life (video)

Saskia Sassen discusses ‘disposable life’ for the Histories of Violence project. This covers similar themes to her Expulsions book. Thanks to Oli Mould for the link. Disposable Life – Saskia Sassen from HISTORIES OF VIOLENCE on Vimeo.

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Preprints of a couple of forthcoming publications now available

I’ve added the preprints of a couple of forthcoming publications, on Foucault and territory respectively, to the page on this site.

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Review essay of Branch, Sassen, Scott and Vigneswaran on historical and political understandings of territory, forthcoming in Society and Space

I have a review essay of four books coming out in Society and Space in issue 1 next year. The books are Jordan Branch, The Cartographic State; Saskia Sassen, Expulsions: Brutality and Complexity in the Global Economy; Tom Scott, The City-State in Europe, 1000-1600 and Darshan Vigneswaran, Territory, Migration, … Continue reading

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Books received – territory, borders, architecture, government (1 of 3)

Working through the post… Saskia Sassen’s Expulsions and Darshan Vigneswaran’s Territory, Migration and the Evolution of the International System – both to review; Jones and Johnston’s Placing the Border in Everyday Life – which I endorsed; and Lemm and Vatter’s … Continue reading

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Saskia Sassen, ‘Expulsions: Complexity and Brutality’ – lectures at Durham, LSE and Dublin

Saskia Sassen’s Expulsions is forthcoming in June 2014. Saskia Sassen, “Expulsions: Complexity and Brutality” – lecture at Durham University in February 2014 (via ANTHEM). Update: a lecture at the LSE on the same topic is available here (via The Anthropo.scene] And one … Continue reading

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