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Carlo Ginzburg, Nevertheless: Machiavelli, Pascal – Verso, January 2022

Carlo Ginzburg, Nevertheless: Machiavelli, Pascal – Verso, January 2022 Through his repeated use of the adverb nondimanco (“nevertheless”), Machiavelli indicated that there is an exception to every rule. This may seem merely to confirm the traditional image of Machiavelli as a cynical, … Continue reading

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The New Althusser – a possible TCS theme?

One of the ideas floated at yesterday’s Theory, Culture and Society board meeting was a theme issue on what might be called ‘the new Althusser’. Since his death, many previously unpublished writings have been published in France, with English translations following. … Continue reading

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John Plamenatz, Machiavelli, Hobbes, and Rousseau

Almost forty years after they were intended to be delivered, John Plamenatz’s lectures on Machiavelli, Hobbes, and Rousseau have been published. They are reviewed at NDPR by Jeffrey Collins. The review doubts their worth today, but in doing so provides an interesting discussion … Continue reading

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Political Theology and Early Modernity

Interesting looking collection edited by Graham Hammill and Julia Reinhard Lupton, with a postface by Etienne Balibar. Political theology is a distinctly modern problem, one that takes shape in some of the most important theoretical writings of the twentieth and … Continue reading

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‘How should we do the history of territory?’ – Berkeley audio

The audio recording of my Berkeley talk is now available. Many thanks to Ilaria Giglioli for making the recording. “How should we do the history of territory”, University of California, Berkeley, 14 September 2011.

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Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight is now done. It needed work in two main areas – expanding and developing the treatment of Luther; and dramatically cutting down the discussion of King Lear. The Lear material might make a journal article in its expanded … Continue reading

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