The Early Foucault – research updates

The Early Foucault will be the next volume of my sequence of studies of Foucault. It will examine Foucault’s work from the early 1950s to the publication of History of Madness in 1961. The first post below gives some more detail on the initial idea; subsequent posts provide updates on the research undertaken. As yet there are no new resources generated for this book, but there are several other Foucault research tools such as bibliographies, short translations, textual comparisons and so on here.

Further details of my earlier books Foucault’s Last Decade (Polity Press 2016), Foucault: The Birth of Power (Polity Press 2017) can be found here, including updates on their writing. A side project on Georges Canguilhem, for a book in Polity’s Key Contemporary Thinkers series is also underway (more details here).

The Early Foucault – beginning work on a possible book – December 2nd 2016

The Early Foucault update 1: a week at the Bibliothèque Nationale – December 7th 2016

The Early Foucault update 2: Uppsala, Binswanger, Lacan and Bedlam – January 11th 2017

The Early Foucault update 3: Another week at the Bibliothèque Nationale – January 23rd 2017

The Early Foucault update 4: Merleau-Ponty, Canguilhem, a week in the archive and a book contract… – February 21st 2017

The Early Foucault update 5: Canguilhem, Merleau-Ponty, Politzer, Lacan… – April 4th 2017

The Early Foucault update 6: Foucault’s teachers, and returning to his work on Binswanger – April 12th 2017

The Early Foucault update 7: Canguilhem, Barraqué, von Weizsäcker, and a short trip to the Bibliothèque Nationale – June 2nd 2017

The Early Foucault update 8: two days in the Carolina Rediviva library, Uppsala – June 22nd 2017