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End of the Leverhulme fellowship

Today is the last day of my Leverhulme major research fellowship. As of tomorrow I am on research leave. The Leverhulme award was to work on the history of the concept of territory project. I’d already been working on that … Continue reading

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blog from Egypt

‘The people want the regime to fall’ – in its own words This blog is a collection of comments, contributions and visual media from the Egyptian uprising. It is sent out from one of the few locations in Cairo with … Continue reading

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Mehdi Belhaj Kacem, L’esprit du nihilisme: Une ontologique de l’Histoire

Interesting review of Mehdi Belhaj Kacem, L’esprit du nihilisme: Une ontologique de l’Histoire by Alexander R Galloway here. Thanks to An und für sich for the pointer. Galloway notes the relation of Badiou and Agamben that is going on in his … Continue reading

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Egyptian protest planning leaflet

 Bit late linking to this – it’s been around for a few days – but The Atlantic has translated some of the leaflet which makes for interesting reading – with some background in The Guardian here. Because of the … Continue reading

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Heidegger – Introduction to Philosophy

The first book I’ve read by Heidegger in some years was the English translation Introduction to Philosophy-Thinking and Poetizing (Indiana UP, 2011). At $30 for 74 pages it’s not exactly cheap. Part of the reason is that this was a … Continue reading

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Foucault on Heterotopias and the Body

A few years ago two radio addresses by Foucault on heterotopias were made available on a cd entitled ‘Utopies et hétérotopies’. In 2009 they were transcribed and published as a little book in French called ‘Le Corps Utopique – Les … Continue reading

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Crampton, Cartography, Calculation, Territory

Jeremy Crampton responds to the Latourian argument about maps here; and notes in his previous post that his paper “Cartographic calculations of territory” is now published in Progress in Human Geography.

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Foucault on Politics, Security and War in paperback

Michael Dillon and Andrew Neal (eds.), Foucault on Politics, Security and War, which was previously only available in hardback, is now available in paperback. Details here. I have a chapter in this on the collaborative projects Foucault was involved in … Continue reading

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Bruno Latour at the Architecture Association

Thanks to Stephen Legg for the alert. Do objects reside in res extensa and if not where are they located? Date: 22.02.2011; Time: 18:00:00; Place: Architecture Association Experience of space is supposed to be divided into an objective reality that … Continue reading

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David Harvey reviewed in the LRB

A review of his recent books The Enigma of Capital and the Companion to Marx’s Capital, but going back to his earlier writings. Find it here (free access).

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