Bruno Latour at the Architecture Association

Thanks to Stephen Legg for the alert.

Do objects reside in res extensa and if not where are they located?

Date: 22.02.2011; Time: 18:00:00; Place: Architecture Association

Experience of space is supposed to be divided into an objective reality that is not “really lived” and a “lived” reality which, on the other hand, is not objectively real… The lecture will explore this apparently philosophical question by surveying several topics which have been deeply renewed by the digital techniques: the experience of using digital cartographies; the mapping of scientific controversies and the reinvention of originals through fac similes by the British artist Adam Lowe and his Madrid studio Factum Arte.
Bruno Latour is professor in Sciences Po Paris and references to his work may be found on
Paper 1 Paper 2

More details here.

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