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A year in review – publications, writing, talks, etc.

This is my last day of work in 2017. Tomorrow we head to Tenerife for ten days holiday, hoping for sunshine and lots of cycling. The last major work task I completed today was the copyediting queries for Shakespearean Territories. … Continue reading

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My favourite music of 2017

The albums I enjoyed the most in 2017 were:- Anathema, The Optimist Arcane Roots, Melancholia Hymns Big Big Train, The Second Brightest Star (and also Grimspound) Black Country Communion, BCCIV Blackfield, V Tim Bowness, Lost in the Ghost Light Caligula’s Horse, In … Continue reading

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My favourite academic books of 2017

  I don’t think I read as many new books this year as previous years, and the ‘to read’ piles get ever higher… But these are the academic books published in 2017 which I particularly liked: Update: the lists for … Continue reading

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Workshop Report from Territory, Law and the Anthropocene (Warwick, 1 December 2017)

My brief Workshop Report from the Territory, Law and the Anthropocene event held at the University of Warwick, 1 December 2017 is now up at the ICE-LAW Project site. On 1 December 2017, the Territory subgroup held its second workshop, Territory, Law … Continue reading

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Catherine M. Soussloff, Foucault in the Contemporary Archive

While I’m still waiting for her book, Foucault on Painting, to make it across the Atlantic, Catherine Soussloff has written a very interesting post about working on Foucault’s unpublished writings on painting to be found in the archives. Last spring, … Continue reading

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Viewpoint Magazine forum on The Crisis of Marxism – Althusser, Balibar, Poulantzas, Buci-Glucksmann, etc.

The Crisis of Marxism – Asad Haider and Patrick King in Viewpoint Magazine Crisis Theory | Asad Haider In 1977 Louis Althusser gave a famous speech in Venice on “the crisis of Marxism,” a thesis almost as scandalous as that of an epistemological … Continue reading

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On turning down poorly-paid, limited value, academic work

I’ve just turned down another invitation to write an encyclopaedia entry. I agonised about it, and ended up posting about it on my personal Facebook page. The issue was in part the payment – £40 for 2000-2500 words. I’d be … Continue reading

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Reflections on academic publishing in Fennia: International Journal of Geography

The new issue of Fennia: International Journal of Geography has a number of reflections on academic publishing. Contributors include Krisi Pauliina Kallio and James Riding, Simon Batterbury, John C. Finn, Simon Springer, and Sara Fregonese. All pieces are available open access.

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Veronika Cheplygina – 5 strategies for saying “no” more often

Veronika Cheplygina – 5 strategies for saying “no” more often I’ve written about this issue before, but there is some very good advice here. Here are the headlines, but do read the whole thing. 1. Does it help or hurt … Continue reading

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Books received – Titus Andronicus, Sheridan, Lorenzini & Sforzini and Weizman

The revised edition of the Arden Third Series, Titus Andronicus, edited by Jonathan Bate; a second-hand copy of Alan Sheridan’s Michel Foucault: The Will to Truth; Lorenzini and Sforzini’s collection Un demi-siècle d’ « Histoire de la folie »; and … Continue reading

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