My favourite music of 2017

The albums I enjoyed the most in 2017 were:-

  1. Anathema, The Optimist
  2. Arcane Roots, Melancholia Hymns
  3. Big Big Train, The Second Brightest Star (and also Grimspound)
  4. Black Country Communion, BCCIV
  5. Blackfield, V
  6. Tim Bowness, Lost in the Ghost Light
  7. Caligula’s Horse, In Contact
  8. Carptree, Emerger
  9. Daniel Cavanagh, Monochrome
  10. Dizrhythmia, Too
  11. Isildur’s Bane and Steve Hogarth, Colours Not Found In Nature
  12. King Crimson, Live in Chicago (and Sailors’ Tales 1970-1972)
  13. Lonely Robot, The Big Dream
  14. Lunatic Soul, Fractured
  15. Nova Collective, The Further Side
  16. Pain of Salvation, In the Passing Light of Day
  17. The Pineapple Thief, Where We Stood
  18. Radiohead, OKNOTOK – OK Computer 1997-2017
  19. Roger Waters, Is this the Life we Really Want?
  20. Sons of Apollo, Psychotic Symphony
  21. Steven Wilson, To the Bone (also Unreleased Electronic Music and Last Day of June OST)


Live, I enjoyed Shattered Fortress, Marillion, Haken, The Pineapple Thief, Big Big Train, Steve Rothery, The Neal Morse Band, Opeth, Frost, and Fish.

See also the lists for 2016, 2015, 20142013 and 2012.

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