My favourite music of 2015

Not an ordered list, but the music I liked most from this year (see also 20142013 and 2012)…

  1. Steven Wilson, Hand Cannot Erase
  2. The Neal Morse Band, The Great Experiment
  3. Lonely Robot, Please Come Home
  4. Umphreys McGee, The London Session
  5. Goblin Rebirth, Goblin Rebirth 
  6. The Dear Hunter, Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise
  7. Van der Graaf Generator, Merlin Atmos: Live Performances 2013
  8. Gavin Harrison, Cheating the Polygraph
  9. King Crimson, Live At The Orpheum
  10. Adrian Benavides, Imposters
  11. Von Hertzen Brothers, New Day Rising
  12. Stick Men featuring David Cross – Midori: Live in Tokyo (two sets, download only)
  13. The Aristocrats, Tres Caballeros
  14. Spock’s Beard, The Oblivion Particle
  15. Gazpacho, Molok
  16. Riverside, Love, Fear and the Time Machine
  17. Moonbound, Uncomfortable News from the Moon 
  18. Caligula’s Horse, Bloom
  19. King Crimson, Thrak Box
  20. Miles Davis, At Newport 1955-75: The Bootleg Series Vol. 4

Live, I enjoyed seeing Big Big Train, King Crimson, Steven Wilson, Fish, The Aristocrats, Lonely Robot and, perhaps the highlight, the two nights of Nik Bärtsch at King’s Place.

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