My favourite music of 2021

Alphabetical list of the music I enjoyed the most this year… Most bought on cd or blu-ray, though increasingly stuff on bandcamp too. Mostly rock, but also jazz, string quartets, ambient, solo piano, and probably the most peculiar/interesting thing I’ve heard this year – solo bass clarinet and saxophone recorded inside a box girder.

  • Anchor and Burden, Weigh AnchorClenched Brow and Folded Temple
  • The Anchoress, The Art of Losing
  • Sel Balamir, Swell
  • Nik Bartsch, Entendre 
  • Big Big Train, The Underfall Yard (reissue) and Common Ground
  • Dream Theater, The View from the Top of the World
  • The Grid/Fripp, Leviathan 
  • Robert Fripp, Music for Quiet Moments (box)
  • Frost*, Day and Age
  • Gavin Harrison and Antoine Fafard, Chemical Reactions
  • Peter Hammill, In Translation
  • Helmet of Gnats, Travelogue
  • Isildurs Bane and Peter Hammill, In Disequilibrium
  • Kali Trio, Loom
  • King Crimson, Music is our Friend (live)
  • The Kite Experiment (EP)
  • Kronos Quartet/Al Pari Quartet, World Dialogue (music by Stephan Thelan)
  • Liquid Tension Experiment,  LTE3
  • Lunatic Soul, Through Shaded Woods
  • The Neal Morse Band, Innocence and Danger
  • Markus Reuter, Anchor and Burden
  • The Steve Rothery Band, Live in London
  • Sha, Monbijou.
  • J. Peter Schwalm and Markus Reuter, Aufbruch
  • Stephan Thelan, Fractal Guitar 2
  • Stephan Thelan and Jon Durant, Crossings
  • The Pineapple Thief, Nothing But the Truth (live)
  • Transatlantic, The Absolute Universe
  • Van de Graaf Generator, The Charisma Years 1970-1978 (box)
  • Steven Wilson, The Future Bites

I missed live music, seeing only a few shows, and lots of things cancelled or postponed. Streaming live concerts, especially from Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin and Mobile, helped.

For previous years, see the lists from 20202019201820172016201520142013 and 2012.

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