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London Review of International Law lecture – Legal Terrain, 23 February 2017

Tomorrow at 6.30pm I’ll be giving the London Review of International Law lecture on the topic of ‘Legal Terrain’. Advertisements

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Map Projection Transitions – animated versions

I usually begin my courses on geopolitics and territory with some discussion of map projections. Jason Davies has provides some good animated versions here – thanks to Rob Kitchin for the link.

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Bibliothèque nationale – pictures of the renovated Richelieu building

In my reports of my work on Foucault, I’ve often talked about the Richelieu building of the Bibliothèque nationale where I’ve been working on his archive. Initially this was in a temporary space, passing through portacabins and past a lot … Continue reading

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Books received – Merleau-Ponty, Lecourt, Foucault, Canguilhem, Moore

Some books picked up in Paris and London – mainly for the early Foucault work, but also Margaret Moore’s A Political Theory of Territory, just out from OUP.

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Apocalypse, Now! Peter Sloterdijk & Bernard Stiegler on the Anthropocene

Originally posted on Deterritorial Investigations Unit:
“We would finally like to ask here, most likely in deviation from Stiegler’s own intentions, whether it would be possible to conceive of such an internation as an enabling strategy for what Antonio Negri…

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Review of Robert E. Lerner, Ernst Kantorowicz: A Life at Berfrois

My review of Robert E. Lerner, Ernst Kantorowicz: A Life has just appeared at Berfrois. Beyond the ranks of medievalists, Ernst Kantorowicz (1895-1963) is largely known for his magisterial 1957 book The King’s Two Bodies: A Study in Medieval Political Theology. Praised … Continue reading

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The Early Foucault update 4: Merleau-Ponty, Canguilhem, a week in the archive and a book contract…

The past few weeks have felt like I am running a few different research careers in parallel, with ongoing things around Lefebvre, Shakespeare and the terrain work. This has meant dealing with publishers, grant bodies, and writing projects, as well … Continue reading

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Visiting scholar, ACCESS Europe, University of Amsterdam

I’ll be spending several weeks between April and June 2017 as a visiting scholar at ACCESS Europe at the University of Amsterdam. ACCESS is the Amsterdam Centre for Contemporary European Studies. While there I will be giving a public lecture, leading a PhD reading seminar on … Continue reading

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Critique n° 835 : Michel Foucault – including a previously unpublished lecture by Foucault

Critique n° 835 is a theme issue entitled ‘Michel Foucault. Un très beau feu d’artifice‘. Perhaps the key piece of interest is a previously unpublished lecture by Foucault, ‘La littérature et la folie’, edited from the manuscript at the Bibliothèque … Continue reading

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The Revolutionary Imperative: Engaging the Work of Neil Smith

Originally posted on multipliciudades:
Antipode has published a special supplement dedicated to the late Neil Smith, available open access from the journal’s parallel site and also in paperback edition. In line with Smith’s broad interests the materials explore a wide…

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