Frequently Asked Questions

– what are the header images on the site?

They are listed here. The US-Mexico border, Arizona; the Hong Kong-Shenzen border; the Mount Teide plateau, Tenerife; Pico de las Nieves, Gran Canaria; speaking at the Galleries of Justice, Nottingham; barbed wire around an illegal Israeli settlement in the West Bank; a shop in Paris; the Immigration Museum in Melbourne; a sticker on a bike near the Barbican; two views of Mont Ventoux, France; my authored and edited books 2001-17; and a Strava cycling heatmap. All these photos taken by me, or of me.

– will you post this for me on Progressive Geographies?

Possibly. If I think it’s likely to be of interest to readers I’m usually happy to do so. But I can’t post everything, especially not every call for papers for major conferences. If it doesn’t connect in some way to my work or interests, that’s usually a reason not to link to something.

– do you accept guest posts or reviews?

No – it’s a personal site.

– is X available in English translation?

I get asked this all the time when I post about French or German things. If there is an English translation I’ll usually provide a link. If I don’t, then it usually means I am unaware of one existing.

– this link is broken

That’s useful to know, and if it’s in a recent post then I’ll try to fix it. But for old posts that’s almost certainly because the page/document/recording has been moved. Given the volume of posts I can’t go back through the archive and keep everything up-to-date. If you can provide a new link that’s more useful.

– do you buy all the books you receive or are they sent free? Do you read them?

I buy some, and am sent some, usually in recompense for review work for publishers. I usually note if I’ve been sent books by authors or publishers – it’s not very often. I try to read them all.

– so you take review copies?

Yes, but I do not guarantee a review. The book will get a notice, with a link, when received, and may get a follow up post with more when it’s been read. That is more likely if the topic is related to my interests in political geography, political and social theory, literature or European thought. Please send to my Warwick address (Department of Politics and International Studies, The University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL).

– are the books in the ‘books received’ posts for review by others?


– where can I find X?

If it’s written by me, usually here. If it’s not written by me, there are usually other routes to finding this out. There are some hopefully useful resources here. Worldcat is also really helpful – and seemingly under-utilised.

– where can I buy your books?

All the books I’ve written or edited are in print, so try the publisher or online bookstores. Links to publisher sites are here; and a couple to download here.

– where are you speaking next?

I keep a list of upcoming talks here – these are as up-to-date as I can make them, with as much information as I have.

– I’m interested in X. What do you think about X? (or, please tell me everything you know about X)

I’m unlikely to be able to help here, given the limits of time and my interests.

– I’ve written something. Will you read it and give me comments?

Again, this is probably unlikely, given the editorial work I do, supervision of my students, and a wish to read and comment on work by colleagues and friends. By all means send it to me if it relates to my work, but I may not be able to reply.

– will you write for a collection or journal I’m editing, supervise my work, host me as a visitor, or speak at this event?

Please contact me by email. That will get a response – comments here, on Facebook or Twitter may never been seen, as there are lots of spam messages/comments and so things may get missed.

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