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Boris Porchnev/Porshnev on feudalism – were any of his works translated from Russian?

I mentioned Boris Porchnev/Porshnev in a previous post today, looking at the two editions of his work on peasant uprisings in seventeenth century France. Foucault uses his work in his reading of the Nu-Pieds revolts in Théories et institutions pénales. In Claude-Oliver … Continue reading

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Boris Porshnev – the two editions of Les soulèvements populaires en France: a book by one of Foucault’s key sources in Théories et institutions pénales

Russian historian Boris Porshnev is one of Foucault’s key sources for the discussion of the Nu-Pieds revolts of 1639-40 in Théories et institutions pénales. Following my regular practice of reading Foucault’s sources as well as his own work using them, I bought a copy of … Continue reading

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