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Ennis, Post-Continental Voices

Paul Ennis’s collection of interviews Post-Continental Voices is now searchable on Amazon. You can read most of the interview with me there. Thanks to Graham Harman (also in the book) for the alert. Of course, you can buy the book … Continue reading

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Geography and Object-Orientated Philosophy

(reposted from Crit-Geog-Forum) Call for Papers: The Difference of Things Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, 12-16th April 2011, Seattle, USA. Session organised by Deborah Dixon, JP Jones, Sallie Marston and Keith Woodward   If difference in the world is … Continue reading

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Wu Ming on Robespierre

Interesting (contentious, probably wrong) piece here. I briefly discussed Robespierre on terror, using the recent Verso book introduced by Zizek, in Terror and Territory. He’s worth reading.

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Society and Space issue 5

Environment and Planning D: Society and Space volume 28 issue 5 has now been published online and is available here.  Among other pieces, it includes essays by Gary Okihiro, Nicola Ansell, Graham Harman and Trevor Paglen.

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Sloterdijk Now blurb

Here’s the publicity blurb for the Sloterdijk Now edited collection I am doing for Polity, due out next year. Peter Sloterdijk is one of the most challenging and contentious thinkers currently working within the European tradition. This is the first … Continue reading

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Peter Gratton uses my last post to say something about his own work on Boulainviller/Boulainvilliers (the spelling is disputed) here. As I said in that last post, I’ve not read much of him so far, but he looks interesting. For … Continue reading

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Territory book progress

I’ve been making slow but steady progress on chapter nine of my territory book. A lot of this has been checking minor details in libraries, including original language sources such as the Latin for a few quotes from Newton’s Principia … Continue reading

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More on articles

Clare replies to my reply, here. My remarks were of course provocative. As a former journal editor myself I agree very strongly that it matters a great deal who reads the articles and my statement: ‘who cares who reads the … Continue reading

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Geography Roundup

Jeremy Crampton, author of the very good Mapping: A Critical Introduction to Cartography and GIS, offers some thoughts on the new generation of GIS software here. Interesting observation on the relation between cartographic projects and the rise of the modern … Continue reading

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Journal Articles

At Refracted Input, Clare O’Farrell replies to my posts on publishing and writing. This may not necessarily be where Stuart’s comments were leading, but my own personal view is that journal publishing is not really where it’s at if you … Continue reading

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