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Books received – review work for Polity and Sage

A pile of recent books received in recompense for review work, and a couple of others sent by Polity from their Key Contemporary Thinkers series.

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Where to start with reading Peter Sloterdijk?

[The most recent version can be found here.] Where should you start with reading Peter Sloterdijk? I have previously done this with Henri Lefebvre, and Chathan Vemuri asked me the same question for Sloterdijk. This is my attempt at answering this, largely … Continue reading

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Nigel Thrift and Steven Koonin discuss urban science and big data

Nigel Thrift, Vice Chancellor of University of Warwick, and Steven Koonin, Director of New York University’s Center for Urban Science and Progress, partners in this endeavour, discussed the emerging field of applied urban science and informatics, the opportunities it presents, and … Continue reading

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Nigel Thrift on the spaces of academic offices and studies

In the Chronicle of Higher Education.

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Books received

Amin and Thrift’s Arts of the Political; two old books by Elizabeth Grosz; the latest Sloterdijk books in English and German; the new Foucault lecture course; John Protevi’s Life, War, Earth (which I wrote an endorsement for); and the new … Continue reading

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Nigel Thrift on the future of Big Ed(ucation)

In the Chronicle of Higher Education. Here’s a couple of key paragraphs: It is possible to see a new political economy of higher education coming into existence born out of the huge increase in students around the world, as well … Continue reading

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Big books received

The Thrift and Glennie book is 470 pages; Sloterdijk’s is 500; Parfit’s is a staggering 1,400 pages across the two volumes. All received in recompense for review work – I reviewed part of a reference work for OUP and the manuscript of the … Continue reading

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Ash Amin on Democracy

Piece at Berfrois – draws on his forthcoming book with Nigel Thrift, Arts of the Political. If democracy means rule by the people for the people, it has broken down. All we have today is rule by elites for national … Continue reading

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Two Society and Space pieces on Sloterdijk

Over at the Society and Space open site, you can read Nigel Thrift’s (non-delivered) introduction to a recent lecture by Peter Sloterdijk at the Tate Modern. Peter Adey, Harriet Hawkins and Craig Martin then discuss the lecture itself.

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Amin and Thrift, Arts of the Political

Ash Amin and Nigel Thrift’s new book, Arts of the Political: New Openings for the Left is due out in March 2013 with Duke University Press. Very little on the publisher site as yet.

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