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Gaddafi plagiarises Painter

That Saif Gaddafi’s LSE doctoral thesis was plagiarised is slightly old news; but I’ve just been told that it included unattributed excerpts from a piece by my friend and colleague Joe Painter. Details here. There is also a wiki that attributes other … Continue reading

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Libyan no-fly zone

The idea of a no-fly zone in Libya has been discussed by various governments. It hasn’t yet been sanctioned by the UN security council. See resolution 1970 (2011) here. David Cameron has raised the idea more seriously now that UK citizens … Continue reading

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ICA – Radical Publishing: What Are We Struggling For?

In a related vein to the last post, Verso has the news of an event at the ICA in London on 19th March on protest and print.

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Another e-book on student protests

An und für sich notes two e-books on the student protests. I mentioned one of these before before, but not this one: In a similar vein is the PDF version of the book Toward a Global Autonomous University produced by the … Continue reading

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New journal; new book series

Contributions to the History of Concepts – details here. The journal serves as a platform for theoretical and methodological articles as well as empirical studies on the history of concepts and their social, political, and cultural contexts. It aims to … Continue reading

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Butler on Kafka

Judith Butler discusses Kafka in the London Review of Books (open access). This would be interesting enough just by author and subject, but it also raises some intriguing and important issues about publishing, author’s wishes and copyright. There are some very interesting reflections … Continue reading

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Of fellowships and stone

Jeffrey Jerome Cohen reports here on his good news of an ALCS fellowship, and the project that he will be working on. A few things I found interesting in his post, which I am relating to my own experience of … Continue reading

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onto Palestine?

Interesting piece in The Jerusalem Post, not exactly a liberal or pro-Palestine paper, on the potential for the Arab uprisings to spread to the West Bank (via here).

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Adam’s Ancestors

Jeremy Crampton comments on David Livingstone’s book Adam’s Ancestors, here; a book I mentioned in my ‘reading list’ post yesterday. Jeremy provides a brief outline of what the book is about, and notes the part he paid in Livingstone’s argument. He suggests … Continue reading

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‘A Norway of North Africa’

Anthony Giddens on Gaddafi in The Guardian in March 2007. As one-party states go, Libya is not especially repressive. Gadafy seems genuinely popular. Our discussion of human rights centred mostly upon freedom of the press… Will real progress be possible only … Continue reading

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