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Unileaks and Student Fees

This might be interesting, although there is almost nothing there yet – There is an open letter to UK vice chancellors here; following a similar one to those in Australia, here. Their statement of purpose is here. On the new … Continue reading

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Hardt & Negri and Badiou on the Arab uprisings

Hardt & Negri have a piece in The Guardian here; Alain Badiou’s piece in Le monde is now available in translation here.

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Reading at ANU

Since I arrived here I’ve been doing quite a lot of reading, as I am at that interesting stage of a new project where you have a few ideas and begin following promising leads. Some of them, of course, turn … Continue reading

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Finishing books

In our Singapore discussion, Matt Sparke reminded me of a book I read several years ago when beginning my PhD but haven’t looked at since – Klaus Theweleit, Male Fantasies. Despite what the title might suggest, it’s actually a reading … Continue reading

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Mal faire, dire vrai

Foucault gave six lectures in Louvain in 1981 entitled “Mal faire, dire vrai”, on confession. I suspect they are close to material he used in his De Gouvernement des Vivants Collège de France course – not yet out in French. This site suggests … Continue reading

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Todd May interview

The latest APPS interview is with Todd May. This focuses mainly on his background and training in and out of philosophy, and also the current state of the discipline. Forthcoming ones include Graham Harman, Levi Bryant and me. Mine – … Continue reading

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Orders of translation

In his comments on the Sloterdijk review, Peter Gratton ends by suggesting: It might have done Sloterdijk a favor to publish this work after the forthcoming English translations of the three volumes of Spheres. In this he’s absolutely right. To … Continue reading

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REF panels announced

If you’re not in British Higher Education then this won’t be of concern or interest. The panel under which Geography is assessed is here. There are several very good people listed, and if we have to have this system, then … Continue reading

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Sloterdijk; Heidegger, Cassirer, Davos reviewed

Two interesting reviews on NDPR –  on Peter Sloterdijk’s Rage and Time and on Peter E. Gordon’s Continental Divide: Heidegger, Cassirer, Davos. The Sloterdijk one is pretty critical. I think it might miss what is worthwhile in Sloterdijk, but he is … Continue reading

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Peter Hallward on the revolutions

In The Guardian here. I’ve been following events in Bahrain and Libya with interest and horror, but since these are countries I know little about – I had at least been to Egypt and Tunisia – have not felt I … Continue reading

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