Mal faire, dire vrai

Foucault gave six lectures in Louvain in 1981 entitled “Mal faire, dire vrai”, on confession. I suspect they are close to material he used in his De Gouvernement des Vivants Collège de France course – not yet out in French. This site suggests the Louvain lectures themselves are coming out in both French and English. (A few weeks ago I posted the video of Foucault being interviewed at Louvain on this trip. Find it here.)

[update: see also here which reports on some lectures by Harcourt on these lectures and gives a bit of background; and this piece on the Foucault archives at Berkeley which has a transcript. That last piece, by Alain Beaulieu, notes that a bit of these lectures was published elsewhere in the ‘Sexuality and Solitude’ piece]

[I also fixed a typo in the title – it should be Mal, not Mai -but have left the page address the same as otherwise links won’t work]

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  1. Chathan Vemuri says:

    Hey, thanks alot for the update and the info.

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