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Foucault before the Collège de France – theme issue of Theory, Culture & Society, now published

‘Foucault before the Collège de France’ – theme issue of Theory, Culture & Society, coming soon, edited by Stuart Elden, Orazio Irrera and Daniele Lorenzini [Update: the whole issue is now online here] Some of the papers are available online … Continue reading

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The Archaeology of Foucault update 11: A new term, work on Nietzsche and planning another archive trip

While the start of term was as busy as ever, I have managed to keep a bit of time each week to work on this project. So far at least this term seems more manageable than the equivalent last year, and … Continue reading

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Daniele Lorenzini on Foucault and Descartes (open access and video abstract) – part of Theory, Culture & Society Special Issue: ‘Foucault Before the Collège de France’

Daniele Lorenzini’s article “Philosophical Discourse and Ascetic Practice: On Foucault’s Readings of Descartes’ Meditations” is now available open access. The article is part of a Theory, Culture & Society Special Issue: ‘Foucault Before the Collège de France’ which I’m co-editing with … Continue reading

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Reading the Classics of Western Philosophy

List below and survey here. The queston asked is how many of these have you read. And the whole of these books, not some, not an abbreviated form. I’m claiming 18 of these, and bits, sometimes substantial, of others. Never read any Sidgwick, Moore, … Continue reading

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Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine is now done. This is the last chapter of the book, which means I’ve now worked through all the chapters in the revision I’ve done while in Seattle. I leave tomorrow. I’ve posted quite a bit about this … Continue reading

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