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Wu Ming London dates

Two members of the Wu Ming writing collective speaking in London in October. Should be interesting. Details here.

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Iraq – sovereign? when?

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said that “Iraq today is sovereign and independent.” He continued: “With the execution of the troop pullout, our relations with the United States have entered a new stage between two equal, sovereign countries.” But think back … Continue reading

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‘Juridicality and Territory’ – a brief historical response

Over at Open Geography, Jeremy has a post about ‘Juridicality and Territory’, discussing the US and a potential assassination of an American citizen thought to reside in Yemen. In the context of the ‘war on terror’, the US has long … Continue reading

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Land, Terrain, Territory dialogue

My piece ‘Land, Terrain, Territory’, forthcoming in Progress in Human Geography in early 2011, but already available online, will be the focus of a discussion in the journal. Marco Antonsich has kindly written a response, to which I’ve written a … Continue reading

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David Harvey lecture

The text of David Harvey’s lecture to the ASA from earlier this month is here A lot of it will be familiar to anyone who’s heard him speak on this topic recently, but this is the first time I’ve seen … Continue reading

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The Later Heidegger

Paul Ennis links to his review of Lee Braver’s Heidegger’s Later Writings here. You can find the official site for the book here. I’d not paid much attention to this when it came out – partly due to not having Heidegger … Continue reading

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Quentin Skinner interview

While looking for something else, I came across this interview with Quentin Skinner. It’s a remarkably open and at times self-critical assessment of his trajectory and how he does the kind of work he does. While eight years old, it’s … Continue reading

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Fixing Cricket

In the end it took England only about an hour and a half to wrap things up. A huge margin of victory, which at lunch on Friday seemed inconceivable. But it was a strange thing to watch, and distinctly underwhelming, … Continue reading

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Nijmegen Alexander von Humboldt lecture series

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Cricket – sport and law

Two days of extraordinary test cricket – in which England looked completely out of it, turned things around with a record-breaking partnership, then crushed Pakistan yesterday – overshadowed by an illegal betting scam. No one is alleging that the progress or … Continue reading

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