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Territory, Globalization and International Relations – new book

A new, and very good book, due out in November – Territory, Globalization and International Relations: The Cartographic Reality of Space, by Jeppe Strandsbjerg of the Copenhagen Business School. I’ve just finished reading the manuscript to write a publicity blurb for the backcover.

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Harvey on Hardtalk

David Harvey interviewed on BBC’s Hardtalk programme here.

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‘P. Baldus’ and the ‘Monastic Peace’

If the title of this post makes no sense, that’s not by chance. I’ve been spending the day tracking down some of Leibniz’s works, finding as many references as I can, and making a list of things to check at … Continue reading

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‘Item is Destroyed’

That’s the not terribly helpful note in the British Library catalogue for the 1864 Klopp edition of Leibniz’s Werke. Back when the British Library used to be in the British Museum, there was a catalogue entry for books that had … Continue reading

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Millner on Soja

I mentioned Ed Soja’s new book Seeking Spatial Justice a few posts back. There’s a review by Naomi Millner here.

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There is a forum in the journal Social Text on the notion of ‘impact’ in UK Higher Education. This is a key issue in the assessment of research, but the contributors range quite widely – Neil Smith compares US and … Continue reading

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Foucault, The Courage of Truth

In the post this morning, the typescript of Foucault’s final lecture course in English translation. This is The Courage of Truth: The Government of Self and Others II. It comes from the 1983-84 academic year, but all the lectures were … Continue reading

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Other ambitious geography books

Thanks for the suggestions so far. Of those made in ‘comments’, I think that several of them don’t fit what I was calling for. Ratzel is far too old, and Glacken (1967) and Tuan (1977) a bit older than I … Continue reading

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Ambitious Geography Books

I was thinking today about books by geographers, written in the last thirty years or so, that would stand as real testaments to what the discipline is about or what it can do. By this I’m meaning something other than … Continue reading

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Texts in Contexts – Kant

Over at Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, there is an interesting review by Julian Wuerth of a new book for Kant scholars.  Eric Watkins (ed., tr.), Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason: Background Source Materials, Cambridge UP, 2009, 410pp., $27.99 (pbk), ISBN … Continue reading

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