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Books received – Mauss, Davidson, Dubuisson, Schrift, Sartre, Hannah, Derrida, Prideaux

Mainly some books from Routledge in recompense for review work, including Matthew Hannah, Direction and Socio-Spatial Theory, but also Alastair Davidson’s Antonio Gramsci: Towards an Intellectual Biography, Tel Quel 17 – to which Foucault contributed, Derrida’s Le calcul des langues, and Sue Prideaux’s Strindberg: A Life.

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Robert Boncardo on the sixtieth anniversary of Jean-Paul Sartre’s Critique of Dialectical Reason

Robert Boncardo on the sixtieth anniversary of Jean-Paul Sartre’s Critique of Dialectical Reason at the Verso blog. Celebrating its sixtieth birthday this year, and enjoying a new print run thanks to Verso Books, the first volume of Jean-Paul Sartre’s Critique … Continue reading

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Books received – University of Minnesota Press, Sartre, Dumézil, Koyré

A mixed pile of books, mostly from University of Minnesota Press in recompense for some review work, along with some second-hand French books.

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The Early Foucault Update 32: Unable to finish a manuscript during lockdown

While these are strange and disruptive times, as much as I’m able, I’m trying to make progress on this book manuscript. I’d intended to submit it to Polity by the end of April, but that unfortunately wasn’t possible. I can … Continue reading

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Books received – Dumézil, Sartre, Canguilhem, Baxstrom and Meyers

Two books by Dumézil, one by Sartre, the latest volume of the Canguilhem Oeuvres, and Richard Baxstrom and Todd Meyers, Realizing the Witch: Science, Cinema, and the Mastery of the Invisible.

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Books received – Sartre, Mbembe, Guedez, Lefebvre, Gil, Eiland and Jennings

Sartre’s Search for a Method and two books by Achille Mbembe for teaching; Annie Guédez’s early study of Foucault, which relates him to psychology; the new edition of Lefebvre’s Rhythmanlaysis; and two biographies – Marie Gil on Roland Barthes and Howard Eiland … Continue reading

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Books received – Macherey, Mezzadra & Neilson, Zevnik, Gotman, Owens and Almqvist, Sartre

Pierre Macherey, A Theory of Literary Production; Tim Smith-Lang, Michel Foucault’s What is an Author?; Sandro Mezzadra and Brett Neilson, The Politics of Operation: Excavating Contemporary Capitalism; Andreja Zevnik, Lacan, Deleuze and World Politics; Kelina Gotman, Essays on Theatre and Change; Owens … Continue reading

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Books received – Sartre, Althusser, Macey, Derrida, Edkins and Zehfuss

Three books for the Foucault work; the new edition of David Macey’s The Lives of Michel Foucault, with an afterword by me, and the third edition of Jenny Edkins and Maja Zehfuss, Global Politics. The last has a chapter from me … Continue reading

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Books received (2) – Lacan, Sartre, Schmitt, Carver, Foucault, Mukerji, Husserl

Books in recompense for review work for Polity and Routledge, including Lacan, Sartre, Schmitt, Carver, Foucault, Mukerji, Husserl. Lacan’s The Triumph of Religion and Transference are fairly recent translations, as is Carl Schmitt’s Ex Captivitate Salus, by Matthew Hannah. Terrell … Continue reading

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Books received – Soussloff and Favreau on Foucault, Kleinberg, Gandal, Höfele, Flynn on Sartre, Withers

Some recently received books – Catherine M. Soussloff, Foucault on Painting; Jean-François Favreau, Vertiges de l’écriture : Michel Foucault et la littérature (1954-1970); Ethan Kleinberg, Haunting History: For a Deconstructive Approach to the Past; Keith Gandal, The Gun and the Pen: Hemingway, … Continue reading

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